Jodee (April Star Jodee)   

Jodeeís spirit permeates Friendly Horse Acres. She is a credit to the Quarter Horse breed. She was one of the two first horses to come to Friendly Horse Acres in 1984. Her body failed her on December 1, 2000.

The beautiful brown mare was a retired barrel racer. Laverne rode her through the neighborhood for many years, as she recovered her lost riding skills. Jodee proved to be the ideal partner. She even learned the rudiments of dressage with Laverne as her rider.

Jodee was a wonderful brood mare. She was a natural mother who transferred her love to the people around her. Any child who handled her was nurtured.

This loving friend and partnerís spirit is still alive to greet everyone who participates in the activities at Friendly Horse Acres.






























































Chester had a glint in his eye that told the world he enjoyed life, people and horse cookies.  He arrived to bring us smiles in a time of sadness in October 2010.  We lost some of our beloved equine friends, but we gained Chester.  We thank Camp Berachah, another therapeutic riding facility, for giving us Chester.  He came to us after helping many people at Camp Berachah to help the people who come to Friendly Horse Acres.

He was a Morab who showed what was best in that breed.  When Chester came to us he was 25 years old, but because of his vibrant personality, people guessed he was much younger.

He passed away too soon on October 20th, 2012.



Miri (Magic Mirasol)

Miri was an ambassador for ponies to the Harris family.  Laverne had seen pictures of Miniature Horses in "National Geographic" and  decided these tiny equines were worth investigation.  In 1987, Miri, then a leggy black yearling, came to live at Friendly Horse Acres.

She proved that there is nothing a good pony can't do.  She learned to pull a cart.  She carried small children.  She had three beautiful babies.

In December of 2003, Miri passed away.  She is now with Jodee and her spirit watches over Friendly Horse Acres.







 Splash (Sadie's Splash)

Splash is a glorious Tabiano palomino paint mare foaled in 1984.  She came home to Friendly Horse Acres with her pasture mate, Jodee.  Affectionate is the best adjective to describe Splash.  She loves everyone.

Her show career was cut very short because of her poor conformation, but she has created a home for herself through the strength of her personality.  Laverne always describes Splash as "my horse."


Dolly, a grade chestnut Percheron mare, foaled in 1984, batted her big eyes at Steve when she was 11 months old.  He fell in love.  Dolly had come to stay.  She promptly became Splash's best friend, and she became another daughter to Jodee.

When Steve rides, this is the horse for him.

Over the years, Dolly has assumed a position of an alpha mare.  Even though she only stands at 15.2 hands she is an immensely powerful animal.

Fortunately, this is balanced by a placid nature.

PeeChee (pronounced PeeCheeYou'reSoCute)

We all know that some of the best gifts come in small packages.  PeeChee proves the rule.  She was an impulse buy.  Laverne had been driving by her pasture for months when she saw the owner throwing hay to PeeChee and her pasture mates.  Laverne made the comment, "If you ever decide to sell that cute pony, let me know."  A month later, on a warm Mother's Day in 1988, Laverne found herself leading home the pony she would call PeeChee, along with all her pony tack.  The price had been $200.  PeeChee would have been a bargain at ten times the price.

PeeChee turned out to be exceptionally well trained with lots of energy to spare.  Although small at 11.2 hands, the pony was strong enough to carry a small adult.  PeeChee also had the reputation of being able to teach an unbalanced rider humility; she demanded a classic riding style and promptly ran out from under anyone who did not maintain their balance.

Most of PeeChee's past is a mystery.  Her age is unknown.

PeeChee left us on November 20th, 2006 to play with Jodee and Miri.  We remember her with love.

PeeChee probably started over 100 children under saddle and some of them are now adults. 

She has a huge legacy.


Spice's exact ancestry is unknown.  One parent was probably of Welsh descent, the other likely Shetland making him a pure Celt.  1996 is a good guess for the year of his birth.  His intelligence is extraordinary and he has a boisterous personality. 

Spice came to Friendly Horse Acres in 2002 to take some of the lesson chores from PeeChee but he proved his strongest value was in the entertainment field. 

Spice delights in learning tricks and stunts and he is a favorite of many visitors.


Some gifts are perfect.  Buddy was one of those perfect gifts.  The long-legged Arabian came to Friendly Horse Acres as a donation in November of 2005.  Buddy quickly became a favorite companion and riding mount for many of the students at the farm.  He was endlessly patient and kind.  He loves attention.  And as a special bonus Buddy was nearly bomb-proof.  He carried small children with delicate care. 

Buddy was a confidence builder for older, less secure riders.

Buddy was probably foaled in 1990 but he hid his age well.  Friendly Horse Acres was delighted to have had him.

Buddy had to leave us on Oct 2nd, 2010 after fighting a battle of cancer.  He will be missed by many children and parents as well.




                           Skeeter's one good eye radiates the kindness and understanding that is part of her nature. Her blind eye teaches us the nature of forgiveness.  Skeeter is kind and understanding and forgiving.  She arrived at Friendly Horse Acres in the spring of 2007, a gift from her family who wanted to share their love of this wonderful animal.  We believe Skeeter was foaled in 1983, but we are not sure of her history. Our veterinarian has recorder her breed as "Icelandic Horse."

It might fit. She has many of the characteristics of this exemplary breed.

Skeeter has proved herself worthy as a willing lesson pony and a confidence builder.

















Shadow  (South Swanks Shadow Moon)

 As Laverne ambles about the pasture, she is likely to feel a fuzzy head tuck itself under her arm. It is a Shadow. Somewhere over the years the little guy decided he would be her special Miniature friend, her Shadow.

Shadow was another Miniature who arrived at Friendly Horse Acres as a possible candidate as a breeding stallion. He and Donny were both foaled in 1988, and they have always been buddies, except for the few years when Donny was serving as a stallion.

Shadow is a rambunctious fellow who picks his people. He wonít co-operate with everyone. He can be willful. But, with the people he cares about, he is an enthusiastic partner, and he cheerfully pulls a pony cart for anyone he likes. He has been a favorite at birthday parties and his frisky temperament has delighted many children as he trots off, acting like pulling an adult and a child is, well - ponyís play.







Peach  (TLC Peach Ambrosia)

Peach is a gentle, sensitive soul. She was foaled in 1983, and she arrived at Friendly Horse Acres as an adult mare, to be used for breeding of more Miniature Horses.

She proved she had been trained as a saddle pony. And she learned quickly to pull a cart, although she always has to be handled with consideration. Peach can have her feelings hurt very easily.

The people around Peach learn that a quiet manner and a kind word go a long way with her. She is a wonderful teacher.








Steve has always had an admiration for the Shire breed of draft horses.  Mac, a Shire gelding foaled in 1984 came home to Friendly Horse Acres, as a Christmas present for Steve when the horse was nine years old.

Mac had been used for weight pulling, but because of his "small" size at 17.2 hands, the Harris' decided to have him trained under saddle.  Originally, the plan was to have Steve ride the big boy, but Mac's timid nature made him a less than perfect partner for Steve's more aggressive style.  He responded well to Laverne's quieter aids and he became her dressage mount for a couple of seasons.

Mac's exceptionally kind nature has made him a favorite with visitors.  It is delightful to see him happily following a child only a few inches taller than his knees.


Mac's neurological disorder took him from us October 17th, 2010.  He was Laverne's faithful dressage/dancing partner and a great teacher to many students.


Abby  (Pegasus Farms Friend Abigail)

Abby was a weanling when she came to Friendly Horse Acres in 1987. She was a precocious baby who seemed to decide that she might be small in size, but she could be huge in personality. Abby is a character. Always has been.

She quickly demonstrated that she was extremely intelligent. Abby learned rapidly, so rapidly that she could leave a poor human breathless.

In her show career, Abby proved she was a star. She learned her lessons reluctantly at home, but once she was in the show ring, her chocolate coat and creamy mane and tail, along with her look-at-me attitude, made her the darling of every judge who saw her on the Miniature Horse show circuit. Besides, Abby loved the spotlight!

Abby loved attention. She loved to get her own way. But best of all, Abby loved to be loved. Fortunately, she was very loveable.

Abby left Friendly Horse Acres October 13th, 2010 to be a star in the arena in the sky.

   Donny  (Estate Miniatures El Donde)

 Donny is a tiny fellow with big responsibilities. He came to Friendly Horse Acres in 1989 when he was a yearling. He was to be the stallion to the herd of Miniature Horse mares the Harris family was starting to acquire. By the time he was two, Donny was diligently fulfilling that job.

Eventually, it was decided that Friendly Horse Acres would no longer be a   breeding farm for Miniatures, so Donny became a gelding. He had always been a good-natured little fellow, and now he became the mellowest of equines. He is usually the first equine that beginners handle. He is the veteran of library, nursing home and senior center visits. Many parades have had Donny participating. He is always patient, always willing.

And, although he no longer is a stallion, he still assumes the duties of protecting his mares and the other geldings. Donny, at 31 inches, is a proud little guy who takes his duties seriously.

Will  (Friend William)

Will is an optimist. Maybe he has a cheerful disposition because he was born at Friendly Horse Acres in 1992, and other than taking part in the occasional outing to visit a library or a nursing home, or to take part in a parade, he rarely leaves home. His world has always been very secure.

Will is convinced that every time the children come to work with the Miniatures, he will be chosen. If he isnít, he takes it all with the attitude that, although a mistake has been made this time, it will be corrected the next day the children come. He loves to be part of any activity.

Will learns quickly and with a joyful enthusiasm that makes him a delight to be around.







Melissa  (Friend Melissa)

In 1994, the last Miniature foal to be born at Friendly Horse Acres came into the world. Abby and Donny created this tiny creature, who  never got as tall as 30".

Melissa is like fine wine. She gets better as she gets older. This tiny munchkin often has the run of most of the farm. There are many fences that are created for every other equine on the farm, but not for her. She is so small she ducks under a lot of them. She is just as likely to be grazing beside the Shire, Mac, as she is to be beside her mother or her father pastured with the Miniatures.

Perky, opinionated, and always convinced that size is an over-rated quality; Melissa faces the world with delight.










Bramble, an Exmoor Pony gelding, foaled in 1985, is an exceptionally strong-willed little guy. Sturdy and sure footed, he challenges all authority, but he does it with the open, kindhearted wit of the extremely well adjusted, bright child. He is convinced that no one understands the world as well as he does.

Perhaps he is right.




       Cactus  (Claret Cup Cactus)       

Cactus is a dear, timid soul. She is a full sister to Bramble, although three years younger, foaled in 1988. Cactus is Brambleís opposite in personality, in many ways. She needs to be reassured. Yet she is willing to give her devotion to those who earn her trust.

Present a new challenge to Cactus and she will break her heart trying. She will flourish as long as she is loved. 






Flax  (Blue Flax)

Foaled the same year as Bramble in 1985, Flax shares a sire with Bramble and Cactus, but a different dam.

Although Flax is not as classically beautiful as the other two Exmoor Ponies, she carries her soul in her eyes. Laverne saw a photo and then a video of the Exmoors and knew that she had to become a friend to Flax.

The pony has proved herself to be a teacher, a friend, and a partner. Flax is a treasure.






Devon (Devon's New Decade)

1980 was a very good year for Exmoor Ponies.  That was the year Devon came into the world.  Friendly Horse Acres acquired Devon in December of 2003 and he introduced himself with all the charm and good-breeding that his extensive British ancestry demands.  He is a well-mannered, sweet natured fellow who loves the ladies.  Devon is a stallion who exemplifies what is best in Exmoor Ponies.

Sadly Devon is no longer with us.  He passed away September 25th, 2009.


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