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Horses are often more than a hobby.  For many people, especially girls, they are a passion.  The horses at Friendly Horse Acres walk, trot, and canter across the pages of The Hoofbeats of My Heart.  Their stories, and the stories of their family, will bring smiles and perhaps a few tears.  Hopefully they will temporarily quench the need for one more horse story. 

Many of the stories about the horses at Friendly Horse Acres have been published as individual articles. This is the first time they appear as a unit.

 All profits for The Hoofbeats of My Heart go to Friendly Horse Acres, a nonprofit organization that puts children, especially at risk children, together with “friendly” horses.

Laverne Harris’ first word was “horse.”  She began riding lessons in 1954 and she purchased her first horse six years later.  In 1989 Laverne began teaching young people horsepersonship, on a volunteer basis.  At the same time she began writing about her life with horses.  Her stories were published in newspapers and magazines.

Over the years more than 300 young people have been a part of Friendly Horse Acres.  Many of them have grown up to join the horse world.  They benefited from the horses, making the farm their second home. 

Laverne studied to consolidate her skills.  In September of 2000 she became a TTEAM (Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method) practitioner.

In 2004, Friendly Horse Acres became a non-profit organization with Laverne as the primary instructor.

For more information or to purchase the book please visit: Amazon.com

For more information please contact Friendly Horse Acres

eMail: friendlaverne@friendlyhorseacres.com